An Introduction

Pyrotechnic Displays By Professional Pyrotechnicians

Everyone loves a fireworks show, and as long as there are a number of fireworks in the sky, who, other than an expert, can pick the difference between one show and another? There can be, and is, a vast difference, and in many cases audiences are being short-changed.

While traditional Australian fireworks shows have, over the years, relied on conventional (and expensive) pre-manufactured aerial shell effects and limited equipment, the new, more spectacular displays now incorporate a range of innovative hand-compiled components and specialised pyrotechnic equipment. ACT Fireworks have successfully pioneered and demonstrated displays based on these principles in Australia and overseas.

By hand compiling and repackaging pyrotechnic components ACT Fireworks can vary the effects offered, decide in which part of the skyscape these effects will appear and, ultimately, heighten the emotional experience created for the audience. Audiences need no longer be tied to the same old run-of-the-mill fireworks shows on offer: ACT Fireworks can provide something unique and spectacular at no greater cost.

We are now a world leader in the innovative use of modern technology to create entertaining pyrotechnic displays suitable for the new Millennium: this is a quantum leap from the traditional Australian 'fireworks' shows that have remained unchanged for years. Like many leading overseas pyrotechnic companies ACT Fireworks was established by professionally educated business people with qualifications in pyrotechnics.

Our displays are different, not only because each display is individually designed by ACT Fireworks, but also because we are constantly innovating, improving and changing the face of pyrotechnics in Australia and the world.

ACT Fireworks have expertise choreographing unique pyrotechnic displays to live music having worked closely with the Royal Military College Band for many years including the 1812 Overture as well as other national and international performers, including Ricky Martin.

ACT Fireworks' expertise is not only matching the mood of the pyrotechnics to the mood of the music but also conducting the display in perfect time to the music, something that computer systems are incapable achieving because of the nuances of live music.

We are not trying to replace existing fireworks companies. We genuinely have a range of unique services and products to offer that are unmatched internationally. This enables ACT Fireworks to offer something different, something more entertaining, and something more exciting; in fact we offer something better!

Our unique fire rope sculptures are made from a product ACT Fireworks invented and that we manufacture. Our unique special effects are designed and manufactured in-house and our choreography is unique, blending artistic design with a full range of pyrotechnic products. ACT Fireworks' approach results in unique pyrotechnic displays that are up 10 times better value for money than those provided by traditional fireworks companies.

Market Attitude Research Services Pty Ltd was contracted to conduct a survey of a Pyrotechnic Display ACT Fireworks conducted in Canberra in January 2000. The results surpassed even our belief of the benefits that ACT Fireworks' unique approach to pyrotechnic displays as a form of artistic entertainment offers.

The ACT Fireworks display surveyed cost the event organiser under $50,000.00 and was ranked equal (by those having viewed both displays) with the amazing Sydney Harbour New Year's Eve (2000) display costing millions of dollars. Other results were 99% having enjoyed the fireworks, 66% agreeing it was the "best fireworks display" that they had ever seen (most had seen a major big budget New year's Eve display). Key factors in the success of the ACT Fireworks display were that "The fireworks were exciting, had variety, had successful pyrotechnic features and was entertaining".

International recognition of ACT Fireworks' leading status was formally acknowledged in October 1997 when the company was invited to become the first Australian company to participate in the Invitation only Desert Blast pyrotechnic convention in the Nevada desert (USA) to demonstrate our unique "Gold Fire Rope".

ACT Fireworks was formed out of the desire to create truly exciting, world-class pyrotechnic displays that combine the talents and skills of leading national and international experts.

The success of ACT Fireworks is due to

  1. The hard work from the individuals involved;
  2. A combination of their academic and formal business qualifications;
  3. Their genuine love for, and understanding of, pyrotechnics;
  4. Their natural gift for innovation and pyrotechnic choreography; and
  5. Their network of world leading experts.

ACT Fireworks' clients have the advantage of dealing with a company that offers truly professional service, insists on world best (often leading) practice, in both safety and the innovative use of pyrotechnics that will provide entertaining, spectacular and safe pyrotechnic displays. A company committed to a long-term relationship with its clients that provide a "Guarantee of Display", based on individuality, technical and artistic excellence, value for money, safety, and service.

Harold Upton, ACT Fireworks' Senior Pyrotechnician and Managing Director, is one of the most highly qualified Pyrotechnician in Australia and equal to the best in the world. He has an honours degree in science and is one of the few internationally qualified pyrotechnic instructors in Australia.

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He states ACT Fireworks' vision is

"to create unique, exciting, entertaining and unequalled pyrotechnic displays

with the assistance of hi-tech equipment

that exceed the expectations of our clients and their audiences."