List of Displays

Overseas Displays

Large displays, small displays and training, sometimes as part of a team with a local company. Others such as the Desert Blast displays were invitations to our company to attend and demonstrate the manufacture and use of the unique "Gold Fire Rope" ACT Fireworks invented that burns in bright gold for over ten minutes.

  • Bahei China with Shiu Fung Fireworks (product design and testing)
  • Desert Blast 12 Fire Rope Sculpture Nevada USA
  • Desert Blast 13 Fire Rope Sculpture & special effects Nevada USA
  • Macau - Fireworks competition
  • North San Francisco California USA with Pyro Spectaculars
  • San Francisco River Delta 4th July Celebrations California USA
  • Western Winter Blast Public Display, Arizona, USA with Fireworks America
  • Pyrotechnic Guild International - Fargo North Dakota
  • Queanbeyan 175th Anniversary


Festivals are a major part of Australian culture and take on a wide variety of cultures, events and celebrations often ending with a pyrotechnic or fireworks display that is a major part, and often the main draw card, of the event. ACT Fireworks individually design pyrotechnic displays that match the theme, mood and requirements of each festival and its location.

  • Australian National Science Festival - Canberra
  • Ballina Christmas Festival
  • Bayfest
  • Bayfest Corporate
  • Blessing of the Fleet (Ulladulla)
  • Canberra National Multicultural Festival
  • Carmina Burana (Canberra Festival. As directed by Neil Cameron
  • Cassegrain Discovery Concert, Port Macquarie
  • Clyde River Festival (Bateman's Bay)
  • Cooma Festival
  • Dante's Inferno (Canberra Festival). As directed by Neil Cameron
  • Dream Keeper (Canberra Festival). As directed by Neil Cameron
  • Holbrook Submarine Festival (Holbrook)
  • HarbourFest (Port Kembla)
  • Marco Polo Club Italian Festival
  • Narooma Festival
  • Neptune Festival (Bateman's Bay)
  • Queanbeyan Festival
  • Songs of Fire (Canberra Festival). As directed by Neil Cameron
  • Tuggeranong Festival (Canberra)

International Sporting Events

Higher profile team-sporting event featuring international sporting teams. Often proximate pyrotechnic effects manufactured by ACT Fireworks are use in field to maximise the spectacle for the physical and television audience. These Pyrotechnic displays are often short in duration lasting about 60 seconds and are designed to lift the mood of the home crowd immediately prior to the start of the game.

  • ACT Rugby Vs France (Canberra)
  • Australia Vs Korea, Women's Hockey Test
  • Australian Socceroos Vs Tahiti (Canberra)
  • Canberra Brumbies Super 12-Rugby Union home games
  • Super 12-Rugby Union Finals
  • Super League Canberra Raiders Vs Halifax
  • Super League Canberra Raiders Vs London
  • Super League Canberra Raiders Vs Wigan
  • Olympic Soccer Launch Canberra

Sporting Events

A mix of team events similar to international sporting events in the type of display used. Often special effects are used when the home team scores. General sporting events are similar to festivals in the type of display required.

  • Canberra Bushrangers Baseball Team
  • Canberra Raiders night games
  • Canberra Raiders day games
  • Fraser Park Speedway, (Canberra)
  • Gosford Speedway
  • Rock 'n' Rodeo (Canberra)
  • Super League Launch (Canberra)
  • Summernats Street Machine Nationals Canberra
  • University Games (Canberra)
  • Masters Games (Canberra)

New Years Eve Celebrations

Shorter high impact events where the pyrotechnic displays whilst significant have the main purpose of marking the event but are not the purpose or main entertainment of the event.

  • Batemans Bay City Celebrations
  • Bell's Amusements Hire (Batehaven)
  • Bondi Beach
  • Canberra City Celebrations
  • Casino Canberra (Indoor)
  • Dee Why (Sydney) Religious Celebrations
  • Hyatt Hotel Canberra
  • Kiama Golf Course
  • Melbourne City Celebrations on the Yarra River
  • Narooma Golf Course
  • New Parliament House (Indoor)
  • North Wollongong Hotel
  • Noosa River
  • Queanbeyan City Celebrations
  • Tathra Hotel
  • Ulladulla City Celebrations

Show Societies

The traditional rural showcase of agricultural enterprises in most rural communities. Pyrotechnic and firework displays are often the finale or conclusion of the show or at least the main day of the show. ACT Fireworks pride themselves on bring modern pyrotechnics and advanced special effects to these communities that generally have small budgets but large hearts. Whilst this area has been the bastion for traditional Australian fireworks displays those communities experiencing pyrotechnic displays do not turn back.

  • Ariah Park
  • Albury Show Society
  • Cooma Show
  • Cootamundra Show
  • Eurobadalla District Show (Moruya)
  • Forbes P.A. & H. Association
  • Hay Show
  • Hillston Show
  • Junee Show
  • Oberon Show
  • Parkes P.A. & H. Association
  • Temora Show
  • Upper Hunter (Muswellbrook) Show
  • Queanbeyan Show Society
  • Royal Hobart Show

Indoor Pyrotechnics

The use of proximate (indoor & close) fireworks is strange to many people. Safety becomes even more important and smoke control becomes essential. Full displays of one off special effects can be designed by ACT Fireworks. Most of the effects are manufactured by ACT Fireworks.

  • Australian Defence Force Academy Graduation December
  • Australian Science Festival - Indoor Pyrotechnic Seminar & Demonstration
  • Australian Superannuation Funds Association (Menzies Theatre Canberra)
  • Amway Convention (Royal Theatre Canberra)
  • Amway Convention - Network 21 Free Enterprise (AIS Arena Canberra)
  • Amway Convention - Network 21 (Newcastle Entertainment Centre)
  • Amway Convention - Network 21 (Homebush Sports Stadium Sydney)
  • Amway Convention - Network 21 (Darling Harbour Sydney)
  • Bay of Dreams Charity Ball, Bateman's Bay
  • Canberra Brumbies 1999 Season Launch (Canberra Play House)
  • Canberra National Multicultural Festival - Official Fireworks Company - Launch
  • Canberra Play House Opening
  • Cell City from Norwich - Australian National Science Festival Canberra
  • FM 104.7 Rude Awakening - Indoor fire crackers
  • Heinz Foods Conference
  • Pineapple Pole by National Capital Dances (School of Music Canberra)
  • Quarriers Convention (Royal Theatre Canberra)
  • Road To The Olympics, RMC Duntroon Band (Royal Theatre Canberra)
  • Royal Military College Duntroon Cadet Staff College Graduation
  • Royal Military College Duntroon Graduation Ball December
  • University Games (University of Canberra Gymnasium)

Australia Day Celebrations

Our National day is traditionally celebrated with a family pyrotechnic or fireworks display and other family entertainment. Often these displays will be supported by a concert and family amusement rides with a fair ground atmosphere.

  • Australia Day in the National Capital Sky Show (Canberra)
  • Bell's Amusements Hire (Batehaven)
  • Port Macquarie City Council
  • Queanbeyan City Council

Special Events

Special events to mark special occasions. Pyrotechnics are often the main method used to mark the occasion but not the main purpose of the celebrations. Close attention is needed to the special requirements of each event to ensure the pyrotechnics are an integral and coherent part of the event.

  • Australian Army Officers Ball
  • Australian Defence Force Academy Cadet Concert
  • Australian Defence Force Academy Graduation (Canberra)
  • Australian Defence Force Academy 1st Year Graduation (Canberra)
  • Australian National University 50th Anniversary (Canberra)
  • Australian Science Festival
  • Awakening 2000, Christian Festival
  • Beating the Retreat & 1812 Overture, RMC Duntroon
  • Bell's Amusements Hire (Batehaven)
  • Bingara Christmas Bash
  • Birthday Parties - Various
  • Bob Jane T-Marts Conference
  • Braddon Travel Service (Canberra)
  • Bruce Stadium Open Day - Olympic Soccer Launch
  • Canberra Convention Centre "Operation Sell Canberra"
  • Canberra Raider Presentation Night
  • FAI Home Security Presentation Night (Canberra)
  • Floriade St George VIP launch
  • Floriade Finale Concert
  • Ghost Night at Old Parliament House
  • Kraft Food Conference, Canberra
  • McDonald's Bateman's Bay Presentation Night
  • Nowra Carols by Candlelight
  • Queanbeyan West Public School Fete
  • Royal Australian Air Force Officer's Ball (Wagga Wagga)
  • Royal Military College Duntroon Cadet Staff College Graduation
  • Royal Military College Duntroon Graduation Ball
  • Society for Creative Anachronism 16th Century production (Goulburn)
  • Theodore Pre School Fete
  • Uneke Furniture Gala Night (Bungendoore)
  • Weddings - Various
  • Young Community Christmas Party

Day Time Special Events

Special events requiring pyrotechnics with emphasis on effect with out colour.

  • ACT Scout Association
  • ACTEW Corporation Science Festival Simulation of Trees Hitting Power Lines
  • Anvil Blasting (blows a 30 kg anvil high into the sky): various
  • Bayer Solar Boat Race (start)
  • Canberra Raiders day games
  • Casino Canberra April Fool's Day Free Chip (potato crisp) launched from roof
  • Subaru Rally - Press Day and Political Launch

Cracker Night Celebrations

The traditional family fireworks night including a barbecue, bonfire, sparklers and fireworks. Often used as a community or charity fund-raiser.

  • Bonython Pre-School fund raiser
  • Clancy's Colonial Inn (Canberra)
  • Forest Reefs Tavern
  • Royal Far West Children's Health Scheme (Coolamon)
  • Stony Creek Area Community Association (via Queanbeyan)
  • Theodore Pre-School fund raiser
  • Wonthaggi Guy Fawkes Charity Night

Special Effects

ACT Fireworks pride themselves on the wide variety of pyrotechnic special effects they can design and manufacture to order. Often these effects have never been attempted before.

  • Anvil Blasting or ground salute. Blows a 30 kg anvil high into the sky from a 70 kg anvil: various outdoor
  • Casino Canberra April fool's Day Free Chips (potato crisp) launched from roof from a 200 mm canon
  • Dam Buster Shells (bounce along the water before exploding): various outdoor
  • Exploding Personal Computer: Australian Superannuation Funds Association (Menzies Theatre)
  • Exploding Vehicle: Summernats Street Machine Nationals. A realistic Hollywood stunt using special effects to simulate a vehicle exploding from high explosives (Canberra) Dec
  • Gold Fire Rope Sculptures (form any pattern and burns in gold for over 10 minutes)
  • Flaming Hands: Canberra Theatre Production special effect.
  • Flame Thrower: various outdoors.
  • Flame Projector (brilliant colour and extremely bright): Various indoor & outdoor
  • Hollywood Fire Balls: Various outdoor
  • Indoor Snow:
  • Simulation of Trees Hitting Power Lines: ACTEW Corporation Science Festival
  • Victor the Viking Fireworks Sword - a roman candle sword (Canberra Raiders Mascot)
  • White Lightning (brilliant bright white shower of sparks): various indoor & outdoor