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Welcome to ACT Fireworks

Lighting the Sky since 1992
  • Conducted Over 1,000 Professional Fireworks Displays
  • Show Societies, Festivals, Corporate, National & International, Indoor, Special Effects
  • NSW DIY Kits
  • Theatrical Displays (outdoor & Special Effects)
  • Ground Display
  • Senior Pyrotechnican Harold Upton has the highest level (all possible categories) of Pyrotechnic Licence in NSW & ACT
  • Chinese String Fireworks
  • Theatrical / Indoor Fireworks

Why Choose ACT Fireworks?

At ACT Fireworks, we pride ourselves on delivering individualised service, always aiming for your complete satisfaction. Our mission is to make your event memorable with our spectacular, budget-appropriate firework displays.

We carry comprehensive insurance, providing a safety net for any unforeseen scenarios. We fully recognize the risks associated with fireworks and thus, our topmost priority is health and safety, ensuring a seamless execution of your event.

Health and safety is important at ACT Fireworks, it forms the very backbone of our work ethic. Our professional team maintains strict safety protocols in all our operations. We understand that a stunning fireworks display should never come at the expense of safety. With this in mind, we consistently strive to make our practices secure for our team and spectators alike.

ACT Fireworks' expertise

Our team at ACT Fireworks is driven by passion and the desire to impress. We love what we do and are constantly seeking ways to improve our displays, with new products and ideas.

Each of our displays is is diligently constructed with a singular objective – to go beyond your expectations. Our pyrotechnics uphold a commitment to innovation, routinely providing the freshest and most captivating firework performances.

Arranging and managing a professional fireworks display can be daunting and laborious, but with ACT Fireworks as your partner, it’s not a concern anymore.

We navigate through all the necessary paperwork required for your show.

We’ve craft our presentations to eliminate all the hassle and planning on your end. We handle the whole show from start to finish. Freeing you to simply delight in the fireworks show with your attendees.

Quality & Customisation

At ACT Fireworks, we hold ourselves to providing nothing but the finest show for your venue. This extends to the materials we choose for our fireworks displays.

We seek the highest quality materials to create a visually breathtaking spectacle. Moreover, our dedication to quality doesn’t translate to a one-plan-fits-all scheme.

Each ACT Fireworks display is custom-crafted to meet your specific needs, ensuring that each ACT Fireworks show is unique.

The value of the event location and its environment isn’t lost on us when planning a fireworks display.

Thus, we also look after site selection and preparation, making certain every location we pick enhances the visual experience while maintaining public safety.

ACT Fireworks commits to leaving no aspect overlooked, ensuring that the entire process, from the initial idea to the final implementation, is up to the highest industry standards.

Comprehensive Event Management

Our main focus of ACT Fireworks is comprehensive risk management. For each event, our team performs detailed risk evaluations to ensure safety is fully addressed.

Our aim is to provide stunning fireworks displays while maintaining a high safety standard. Our painstaking attention to safety enables us to conduct the display in a professional and safe manner, letting you simply appreciate the show without any worries.

We also take pride in providing a complete service, including post-display cleanup.

We leave the venue as tidy as we found it, thus lessening any potential stress following the event.

ACT Fireworks performs displays across NSW at various events like Agricultural Shows, Festivals, Sporting and Community Events, and New Year’s Eve celebrations.

So, whatever the occasion, ACT Fireworks is your trusted partner for an unforgettable pyrotechnic display.

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